Can Memusi be the right stone to Hon.Raila’s 2017 sling?

Outcome of monday’s Kajiado Central by-election has reshaped political landscape in this country.Several issues can be red ranging from voters,candidates,election process and party issues.

One,party elections should be as transparent as it is wished for.It shows how JAP nominations were questionable.How did the winner won with votes which he didn’t get?

Second,Kenyans in Kajiado Central can no longer be enticed to suntion losers.Democracy won and wish the same can replicated countrywide.

Third,vigour and confidence has increased among the CORD brigade.Hon. Raila cannot be underestimated come 2017.His soldiers can a light a the end of the tunnel.

Four,Memusi is an influencial and persuasive leader.Threfore he will be pivotal to in CORD politics .

In connection to claims of bribery I congratulate the Kajiado Central residents for thier brave and wise decision.

Best of luck Memusi.