Lets Gang Up Support for the Widowed.

The widowed live in a caste of people characterised by stress,dipression,lonliness and isolated.Their fate presents them with horrible experiences of trying to make up for the lose of a partner.

More and weighty problems scampers in when a sole breadwinner is lost.The remaining partner is left shocked and contemplating of what their tomorrow may present them with.

They suffer careless remarks of people sorrounding them.They are stigmatised all over the village.Fear and anguish is grown in their hearts so that memories of supposed cause of their spouse deaths haunts them for long.

If the remaining @1 is unemployed the pain is even heard more by the children.Their hopes are blurred.Their furture begins to lack meanig when they are sent home for school fees.

Research attribute low score of psychological well-being of the widowed to their loss.In their findings the widowed regularly visits a physician,incurr more medical costs and dies shortly after the loss.

They also find a widowed man getting married easily for second time than a women.

Inclusive solutions have to be stroke to salvage the widows’ situation.The family members,elders,chieves,church,social groups,county and national government should gang up support to help the widowed.

The family members should lead by example in providing love and company.This will ensure that the widowed don’t feel deserted and isolated.Relatives also should sought them financially in basic needs.

The elders and chieves should offer their willingness for guidance both for the widowed and their children.To avoid a situation where children underestimate a widowed women.These two shoul be there to straighten behaviour.

Church as a sacred place can give their hand in exphasising spiritual teachings of promise of hope.Through prayers faithful widows may get peace and rest in their souls.

National and county governments should create a kitty to specifically cater for the widows.It needs both their empowerement and polical will to spur such a noble idea.


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