`Boda Boda’ Day.

In a seeming relieve to transport in Kenya `boda boda’ have sprung.Jam has somehow been aleviated.A walk to our homesteads has been made easier and firster.

Preference of these two-legged motors has been pegged on;

Cheap and less-costly to maintain.Considering that Kenyan majority earn less,they have ventured into these boda boda business.In effect we now have a `sworm’ of motorbikes in our cities,town and market centres.

Their flexibility has served a bait to many people.It saves both time and hard gotten pennies.

Don’t need so much training.All you need is yourself and your time and within twelve hours you are a rider.

Harrowing part of it is that they have been canduit pipes for which Kenyans have been lost.In response we have been very first in scolding these `choppa’ riders.Not considering `vibarua’ have been created therefore reduced crimes.Its so enjoyable to ride and before you enjoy it fully it lands you in a ditch.

Please as you pray for,…REMEMBER `boda boda’ riders.

Blessed sunday!


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